New Art Piece


The ‘Stank’ Face: That face you make when you see something , but can’t say anything ’cause it’s rude; so you just sit there and look…

This has been sitting on my hard drive for a while. After organizing my art files today, I figured it was time to show this one to the world. On Zazzle, I’m selling this as a funny tee. This is also available on my DeviantArt site. Check it out!

The Forest Curtain Triptych on Zazzle

This piece is called the “The Forest Curtain”. My family and I like taking long walks in the local parks. My husband is the outdoorsy type. He grew up going on camping trips and such. He lives for this type of stuff. Our son loves the fresh air and the chance to explore something other than the four walls of our home. As for myself, I have a thing for trees. I love their textures and their freedom of growing to be  magnificent beings in their own way. No judgement, no expectations.

This photograph was taken at Flatwoods Park in Florida. As we were walking back to our car, my eyes caught site of a collection of branches that looked like a curtain. Hence the name “The Forest Curtain”.

This photograph is currently for sale on as a Triptych. The example is shown above. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Please visit the link here: Forest Curtain