New Art Piece


The ‘Stank’ Face: That face you make when you see something , but can’t say anything ’cause it’s rude; so you just sit there and look…

This has been sitting on my hard drive for a while. After organizing my art files today, I figured it was time to show this one to the world. On Zazzle, I’m selling this as a funny tee. This is also available on my DeviantArt site. Check it out!


This piece I created in my color theory college course over 10 years ago! God, that’s a decade! I can’t believe it has been that long. The amount of work it took to complete this piece is still fresh within my mind. The piece is almost entirely single strokes of paint in tints and shades of blue. Even though the original painting is 8x8in, it took over a week to complete. I still admire this work because of the abstract and complex elements it took to put this together.

New Project Day 1

Well actually, this is the third documented day, but I took a break to explore some art techniques (fforestSignor example, what I posted yesterday). I drew this on the 25th and scanned it in high resolution on my scanner. After that, I let it sit on my computer for a few days while doing some “adult-ish” things: Laundry, Doctors’ appointments, running after my forever energetic toddler…

Get this, he’s taken an interest in my tablet and stylus. Great for him, bad for me…sort of… This means that for the most part, most updates to this piece will be handled during nap and bed time. Unfortunately, this piece will take some time to complete, but on the other hand, this is like meditation time for me. I’ve got my YouTube music playlist playing, and I’m chilling at my desk with my feet on my ottoman, wrapped in my blanket.

…Me time… The rest of the world does not exist…

My Practice Piece

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.02.58 PMWhile still in art school, I remember an assignment my figure drawing teacher gave us. We were to create a monochromatic self portrait of ourselves using conte crayon and colored paper. Back then, I sucked. Terribly! The common criticism back then was that I was too stiff. The long version of that was that I was too focused on being a perfectionist, and needed to learn to loosen up. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t disagree. And after two tries, I finally managed to create a display board worthy piece. It has been 10 years since I have created anything similar.

So, this evening after a long day, I decided to (for a lack of a better term) be bold and practice the same concept using digital art. Since I’m comfortable drawing trees, I decided to use that in this piece. It was not easy. At first, I was going to do rose petals until I hated how it was beginning to turn out.

In doing this challenge, it reminded me to focus in two very important artistic terms: tints and shades. When you’re a kid coloring in you coloring book, you have all of those colors screaming at you to use them. But, in this case, you are only allowed to choose one. I was so tempted to cheat, but then I would learn absolutely nothing from this exercise. I will not say this turned out great or if it did not, but I will say, for once in 10 years, I was actually okay using just one color.

Check it out on DeviantArt