New Art Design: “Silence was never written down…”

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.12.08 PMAs I searched the Internet I came across an Italian proverb that spoke volumes: “Silence was never written down”. Immediately, I came up with a design that in my opinion echoes the meaning of what this quote means to me. The font I used for this piece reminded me of duct tape over the mouths of the people. I immediately thought of the people whom the government is pushing to silence. Or, for a more forward term, screw over.

I won’t lie. Watching the news since the year 2017 started has been a scary experience as a minority. It has gotten to a point where I sit on edge wondering what the next day will bring. Taking healthcare from millions of needy Americans, restricting care to women, people of color getting killed in the street, freedom of the speech being pressured to silence… The list goes on. It’s a terrifying thing to watch because what if the person on the news the next day is me? Am I to become a hash tag? Am I not to get proper healthcare because I’m a woman? Will I end up in jail because I designed a statement piece that implies I will not be silenced?

The Italian proverb states a simple fact: “Silence was never written down.” It’s true. It never was. Who has ever changed the world by remaining silent? Who has ever influenced an important decision by remaining silent? I for one, refuse to remain silent as my rights are steadily taken away from me.

Check out the design collection here on Zazzle!


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