New Project Day 1

Well actually, this is the third documented day, but I took a break to explore some art techniques (fforestSignor example, what I posted yesterday). I drew this on the 25th and scanned it in high resolution on my scanner. After that, I let it sit on my computer for a few days while doing some “adult-ish” things: Laundry, Doctors’ appointments, running after my forever energetic toddler…

Get this, he’s taken an interest in my tablet and stylus. Great for him, bad for me…sort of… This means that for the most part, most updates to this piece will be handled during nap and bed time. Unfortunately, this piece will take some time to complete, but on the other hand, this is like meditation time for me. I’ve got my YouTube music playlist playing, and I’m chilling at my desk with my feet on my ottoman, wrapped in my blanket.

…Me time… The rest of the world does not exist…


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