My Practice Piece

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.02.58 PMWhile still in art school, I remember an assignment my figure drawing teacher gave us. We were to create a monochromatic self portrait of ourselves using conte crayon and colored paper. Back then, I sucked. Terribly! The common criticism back then was that I was too stiff. The long version of that was that I was too focused on being a perfectionist, and needed to learn to loosen up. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t disagree. And after two tries, I finally managed to create a display board worthy piece. It has been 10 years since I have created anything similar.

So, this evening after a long day, I decided to (for a lack of a better term) be bold and practice the same concept using digital art. Since I’m comfortable drawing trees, I decided to use that in this piece. It was not easy. At first, I was going to do rose petals until I hated how it was beginning to turn out.

In doing this challenge, it reminded me to focus in two very important artistic terms: tints and shades. When you’re a kid coloring in you coloring book, you have all of those colors screaming at you to use them. But, in this case, you are only allowed to choose one. I was so tempted to cheat, but then I would learn absolutely nothing from this exercise. I will not say this turned out great or if it did not, but I will say, for once in 10 years, I was actually okay using just one color.

Check it out on DeviantArt


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