Tax Day Sunday

Today I had an epiphany; I need to “ART” more. When you freelance, it seems like 99% of the work goes to client searching rather than actually creating art.  As I went to the tax office today to file for the year 2016, that realization came to me. While I made a substantial amount of money, I realized that I put more effort into advertising to bring myself more business and that I only had a handful of pieces created last year to add to my portfolio.

It’s not totally a bad thing. Yes, I was able to help my family bring in some extra dough, but that was for extra money for diapers and baby clothes and emergencies. Yes, I can show versatility in web and graphic design. The thing is, I need more.

I have decided to make a major change this year: I’m going to create more of a balance between business and art. As I got older, got married and had a child, I think I’ve been putting more of myself on the back burner. The electric bill came first along with all of those other responsibilities.

Creating great works of art should be more than just making money. It should show my passion. Don’t get me wrong, my child, husband and I cannot survive with a starving artist’s salary, so I’m not losing sight on what is important. I just think I need to focus on why I enjoy doing art in the first place. Then and only then can I truly make a difference and say that I truly am an artist.


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